January Love List Update

Wow. January is almost over already!

I just wanted to post a quick update on my Love List progress.

Things I’ve done well so far:

  • Kept on top of my priorities. (27 days in my new Moleskine planner. Each day has a ton of crossed off to-dos. I've also not procrastinated on any important task this month.)

  • Exercise. (Almost every other day for most of January.)

  • Blog once per week. (This is my 8th post this month.)

  • Purge stuff. (We unloaded like 15 bags of stuff to the Salvation Army a week or so ago. More to come!)

  • Blog design. (Moved forward one step, as I re-launched blog on the platform I'm going to use going forward. Design is next!)

  • See more movies. (Movies in the theater, I've seen recently: Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, twice, The Muppets, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Mission Impossible.)

  • Go bowling. (Took the kids!)
  • </ul>

    Works in progress:

    • Take more photos. (I've taken more, but not a significant number and mainly only the kids.)

    • Read one book per month. (I seriously need to get on this. I started off good, but haven't read in probably 10 days.)

    • Re-connect with friends. (Another thing I started off doing well, but failed the last week or two. Changing that this weekend and next, hopefully!)

    FAIL or Starting Later

    • Go to more shows. (A few good shows are coming up!)

    • Go camping. (Need to make reservations soon!)

    • Spontaneus weekend trip. (Nothing yet.)

    • Create an iPhone app. (Have an idea, but no progress yet.)

    • Meditate every week. (Totally failed on this.)

    • Move my career forward. (No progress yet.)
    • </ul>

      I'll post a recap like this at the end of each month to update my progress. How are you doing on your goals or love list?

End on End @endonend

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